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About our Oregon City location

We'd be happy to help answer any questions about hearing evaluations, hearing aids, hearing loss, or anything else related to hearing health care and our practice. Please contact us by phone or email!

Our Practice Specialties

  • Hearing Aids

    Certain hearing devices require specifically customized moldings and fittings. After all, your ears are your own, and thus are different from anybody else's. You need technology that will fit perfectly. That's where we come in! We can create custom molds and fit your devices to serve you as best as possible.

  • Facts About Hearing Loss

    Even relatively mild hearing loss can seriously disrupt how we interact and connect with others. Without healthy hearing, the consequences for our social and mental health — and physical health, in some cases — become greater, and overall quality of life can plummet...

  • Hearing Protection

    Hearing loss happens for many reasons, one of the most popular being exposure to loud noise (noise-induced hearing loss, or NIHL). Repeated exposure to sound levels above 85 decibels (the sound of a bulldozer) can cause permanent, irreparable hearing loss...

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